A NEW HEART COUNSELING L.L.C. - Working to discover a renewed hope, strength, and heart
Please open appropriate paperwork below, print out, fill in, and bring into the office with you at your appointment. 
Adults need:
Biopsychosocial form , General Information, Client Information and Office Policy Statement . 
Child/Adolescent intake, Child/Adolescent behavior form, Parental consent form, Client Information and Office Policy Statement.
The assessments that are necessary should be filled out and the answer sheet brought with you to your first appointment. 
**The Counseling Practice of Patti Young and the Professional disclosure statement are yours to keep.**
  These assessment tools will be given to you by Patricia Young as needed:  

PersonalStyle.pdf (PDF — 24 KB)
Quik Test.pdf (PDF — 65 KB)
Personal Portrait.pdf (PDF — 16 KB)
Family Potrait.pdf (PDF — 17 KB)
Home Safety Issues.pdf (PDF — 65 KB)

Marriage.pdf (PDF — 82 KB)
Premarital.pdf (PDF — 80 KB)


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